Jason mraz colbie caillat -lucky cover

Hey guys! Okay, so im a terrible blog host. Its been a whole month since ive uploaded anything and im sorry (but in my own defence i have been super busy – ive even moved to uni and now living in london!) anyway here is a video cover of jason mraz and colbie caillat’s lucky, by me and my friend patricia (who has a black eye – have a look for it lol. She just had a minor operation, no fights dont worry lol). Now i know neither the singing nor guitar playing is great, and i know i made a few mistakes when playing but hey! Were only human! I hope your able to enjoy it none the less. From now on i will be assuming my usual weekly posts as before and again. IM SORRY!!!! ūüėČ X


Best day cover. Mummys mummy day present.

Okay, so this isnt a NEW cover as such, but i recorded¬†this in Wilde Rose Studios¬†in may¬†as a mothers day present., i recorded this¬† in Wilde Rose Studio,¬†¬†Wilde Rose studios is a working recording studio offering instrument and vocal recordings among other services such as Guitar Lessons etc. Jinian Wilde runs the studio and works in¬†there on a daily basis, Jin¬†has had¬†quite a lot of success, what with having a few tracks in the chart including¬†singing the vocals for Out of touch, uniting nations, and also¬†working on a¬†full album with them. You should really check them out, they make great affordable unique and special gifts!¬†¬†I sang my own altered version of Taylor Swifts Best day. Now, i chose this song because it was the closest thing i could find to describing the relationship i have with my mum, Shes an amzing woman and without a doubt the most inspirational person i know of. I was a bit nervous, I’d never sung before and always hated my voice, it was also the first guitar song id ever learnt so hence why the guitar playing isnt great (like ive said before, im not great lol) But none the less i thought id share with you a song that even though it doesnt sound amazing, i loved singing it, and love listening to it, because of what it represents and its sentimental value to.

You can listen here (Yes i realise its a blank video, i couldnt work out how to simply put just the mp3 on here and i TRIED to put a picture with the video but basically i suck at technology :()

Or if you cant deal with a black video go over to the Wilde Rose Studio and listen there   find me in popstars AND have a look round :D!


Friday Favourites #demisff

My second Friday Favourites Yay!!! okay this week my friday favourites is starting off with my mum, Tomorrow is her Birthday AND Her wedding anniversary. Mums are so special, and most of the time we dont really realise what they have done for us, and what they are currently doing and will continue to do.¬†My mum¬†plays such a big part, in mine and all my sisters, brother and nephew lives.¬†And what with running her own charity,¬†running the day-to-day chores of¬†our home, helping her husband to run he’s company, working as a counciller¬†AND studying full time at university shes somewhat of a super mum!¬†She’s been through so much and came out a million times stronger, I¬†could not ask for a more special lady. So Mum, I hope you have a brilliant birthday and an amazing anniversary! I love you so much, you really are my best friend ‚̧ xxx

Me and mum xx

Me and mum xx

My mum battling Cancer…SHE WON :D!!!


¬†¬†¬†Okay, moving on to something less emotional ūüėČ my second ff is chunky shoes! i am loving them at the minute but unfortunalty i don’t have the funds to get myself some, the ones i want¬†being at ¬£60 and from Fearne cottons collection (congrats to her btw) She¬†Tweeted a pic of¬†them a few weeks ago and since that day ive lusted over¬†the pair ūüė¶ I think there absolutely beautiful and im hoping i can grab a pair with next months wages, seeing as this months wages are going all on my new flat (Boo-hoo).


The photo Fearne tweeted of her shoes

I’m Sorry :(!!!

Okay this is an apology post about my lack of activity since saturday! So heres the deal. I work Sundays and Mondays (Night work so during the day im snoozing) and I’ve spent the last three days with my wondeful boyfriend :)! so havent had time to do any posts. However i promise to make it up to you with two different covers and a Friday favourites tomorrow! i just hope i can be forgiven¬†ūüė¶ ‚̧

Saturday Singers

Today im going to be sharing with you a london based girl group, who have only been together since December 2011 but i really like the sound of, They describe themselves as a three-piece girl group with distinct vocal harmonies and retro pop feel. I predict in a year or so everyone will know about them and they’ll be blessing the world with their beautiful voices! There Twitter name is @yourstrulynow¬†and they also have a¬† youtube channel. Sadly there arent a lot of songs on there, theres a few rehearsal videos and snippets but thats about it ! We want more songs Yours Truly(please)!!

Im also going to be talking about an amazing singer called Leddra Chapman. She was introduced to me sometime last year whilst i was at university and i havent been able to get enough of her since. Her songwriting is inspirational and she captures emotions brilliantly. She started writing at the age of just 12 after picking up one of her dads acoustics, and seems like me, is a lover of the acoustic. i’ve inserted my favourite song of hers called summer song, but also want to talk about a project shes working on at the moment called “Easy as A B C” where each week she will do a cover starting with each letter of the alphabet, for example, her first cover was Amy Winehouse. So ive included that video too. You can vote for the cover over on her twitter page @leddra¬†So get over there, click the follow and get voting!

Friday Favourites #demisff

Hey! this is my friday favourites, something that im going to (aim to) do every friday. Now, my first ff is different coloured nails! i am loving this look at the moment. i brought a set of six nail polishes from Select by beautyUK and although there only cheap (Just a fiver!) i love them! they dont last awfully long which isnt surprising but a layer of decent clear polish over the top does the trick beautifully! I didnt actually mean for the photo to be blurry but thought it was quite funky so decided to use it anyway!

Colourful nails

My second ff of the weeks is… AMERICAN PRINT LEGGINGS! I know i know what with all the olympics hoo har going on i should be wearing a union jack but these leggings are so awesome i could not resist them! They’re very bold and i had a little trouble with what to wear them with, so in the end went for a simple print top (Did try stearing away from the print as didnt want to overdo it but couldnt find a flattering nice plain top) with a pair of converse and a simple blazer (Not in the picture however). these were also really cheap, i saw them in New look for ¬£12.99 but i have been on an extremely tight budget this week so decided to have a peak online and i found these on amazon for just ¬£7. Bargain!


Okay My third and final ff is my new converse! So, heres the deal, im a big fan of converse anyway, Have one low pair and now 3 high tops (Would have much more if i had unlimited money :() but i recently brought these completely black converse, it was a toss up between some pale yellow ones and these but figured i’d need a plain black pair for ¬†university next month. So argued buy these now, then i wont have to buy a new pair soon, i will however HAVE those yellow ones!! These were also of of amazon, not super cheap but a reasonable ¬£41.00 I love rocking them, there so comfortable and because there all black they usually look generally clean! i just hope i don’t wear these out come the start of term lol!

Black Converse

Acoustic Heaven

Yay! my first blog post. Hallelujah! So Im going to be speaking about my new guitar ūüėÄ haha yes im extremely pleased with it, i already have one, a beautiful black semi-acoustic (Though i never do actually plug it in!) fender, My first love. This new one is also semi-acoustic but is an Ashton. My step-dad gave it to me, he’s a musician and can pretty much play every instrument i can think of! He gave it to me as a birthday present despite my birthday being in Decemeber haha! Anyway, This ashton is 3/4 in size, which feels perfect in my small frame and sits nicely in my arms, it has a built in tuner :O Amarzing! and is a dream to play (So far!) it came with a free book and dvd which i havent had a chance to check out yet but if they end up any good at all i’ll let you know. Now, im not a great guitarist, in fact im probably below average by a lot, but i am still learning which if im honest is absolutely gruelling haha, im also not a great singer either but i do sing for the simple fact that i love doing it, espicially if im the one making the music. So yea, hopefully you’ll be familiar with these two beauties soon once i start posting some videos!