Friday Favourites #demisff

Hey! this is my friday favourites, something that im going to (aim to) do every friday. Now, my first ff is different coloured nails! i am loving this look at the moment. i brought a set of six nail polishes from Select by beautyUK and although there only cheap (Just a fiver!) i love them! they dont last awfully long which isnt surprising but a layer of decent clear polish over the top does the trick beautifully! I didnt actually mean for the photo to be blurry but thought it was quite funky so decided to use it anyway!

Colourful nails

My second ff of the weeks is… AMERICAN PRINT LEGGINGS! I know i know what with all the olympics hoo har going on i should be wearing a union jack but these leggings are so awesome i could not resist them! They’re very bold and i had a little trouble with what to wear them with, so in the end went for a simple print top (Did try stearing away from the print as didnt want to overdo it but couldnt find a flattering nice plain top) with a pair of converse and a simple blazer (Not in the picture however). these were also really cheap, i saw them in New look for £12.99 but i have been on an extremely tight budget this week so decided to have a peak online and i found these on amazon for just £7. Bargain!


Okay My third and final ff is my new converse! So, heres the deal, im a big fan of converse anyway, Have one low pair and now 3 high tops (Would have much more if i had unlimited money :() but i recently brought these completely black converse, it was a toss up between some pale yellow ones and these but figured i’d need a plain black pair for  university next month. So argued buy these now, then i wont have to buy a new pair soon, i will however HAVE those yellow ones!! These were also of of amazon, not super cheap but a reasonable £41.00 I love rocking them, there so comfortable and because there all black they usually look generally clean! i just hope i don’t wear these out come the start of term lol!

Black Converse


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