Saturday Singers

Today im going to be sharing with you a london based girl group, who have only been together since December 2011 but i really like the sound of, They describe themselves as a three-piece girl group with distinct vocal harmonies and retro pop feel. I predict in a year or so everyone will know about them and they’ll be blessing the world with their beautiful voices! There Twitter name is @yourstrulynow and they also have a  youtube channel. Sadly there arent a lot of songs on there, theres a few rehearsal videos and snippets but thats about it ! We want more songs Yours Truly(please)!!

Im also going to be talking about an amazing singer called Leddra Chapman. She was introduced to me sometime last year whilst i was at university and i havent been able to get enough of her since. Her songwriting is inspirational and she captures emotions brilliantly. She started writing at the age of just 12 after picking up one of her dads acoustics, and seems like me, is a lover of the acoustic. i’ve inserted my favourite song of hers called summer song, but also want to talk about a project shes working on at the moment called “Easy as A B C” where each week she will do a cover starting with each letter of the alphabet, for example, her first cover was Amy Winehouse. So ive included that video too. You can vote for the cover over on her twitter page @leddra So get over there, click the follow and get voting!


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