Friday Favourites #demisff

My second Friday Favourites Yay!!! okay this week my friday favourites is starting off with my mum, Tomorrow is her Birthday AND Her wedding anniversary. Mums are so special, and most of the time we dont really realise what they have done for us, and what they are currently doing and will continue to do. My mum plays such a big part, in mine and all my sisters, brother and nephew lives. And what with running her own charity, running the day-to-day chores of our home, helping her husband to run he’s company, working as a counciller AND studying full time at university shes somewhat of a super mum! She’s been through so much and came out a million times stronger, I could not ask for a more special lady. So Mum, I hope you have a brilliant birthday and an amazing anniversary! I love you so much, you really are my best friend ❤ xxx

Me and mum xx

Me and mum xx

My mum battling Cancer…SHE WON :D!!!


   Okay, moving on to something less emotional 😉 my second ff is chunky shoes! i am loving them at the minute but unfortunalty i don’t have the funds to get myself some, the ones i want being at £60 and from Fearne cottons collection (congrats to her btw) She Tweeted a pic of them a few weeks ago and since that day ive lusted over the pair 😦 I think there absolutely beautiful and im hoping i can grab a pair with next months wages, seeing as this months wages are going all on my new flat (Boo-hoo).


The photo Fearne tweeted of her shoes


2 thoughts on “Friday Favourites #demisff

  1. I just got some of them shoes in red then looked on your blog and saw your picture but i got mine on ebay for £30 and the do them in black will send you the link if you like x

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