Best day cover. Mummys mummy day present.

Okay, so this isnt a NEW cover as such, but i recorded this in Wilde Rose Studios in may as a mothers day present., i recorded this  in Wilde Rose Studio,  Wilde Rose studios is a working recording studio offering instrument and vocal recordings among other services such as Guitar Lessons etc. Jinian Wilde runs the studio and works in there on a daily basis, Jin has had quite a lot of success, what with having a few tracks in the chart including singing the vocals for Out of touch, uniting nations, and also working on a full album with them. You should really check them out, they make great affordable unique and special gifts!  I sang my own altered version of Taylor Swifts Best day. Now, i chose this song because it was the closest thing i could find to describing the relationship i have with my mum, Shes an amzing woman and without a doubt the most inspirational person i know of. I was a bit nervous, I’d never sung before and always hated my voice, it was also the first guitar song id ever learnt so hence why the guitar playing isnt great (like ive said before, im not great lol) But none the less i thought id share with you a song that even though it doesnt sound amazing, i loved singing it, and love listening to it, because of what it represents and its sentimental value to.

You can listen here (Yes i realise its a blank video, i couldnt work out how to simply put just the mp3 on here and i TRIED to put a picture with the video but basically i suck at technology :()

Or if you cant deal with a black video go over to the Wilde Rose Studio and listen there   find me in popstars AND have a look round :D!



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