About Me

Welcome to Dreaming in dreams, Im Demi and this is a blog named through inspiration of my very own constant dream like state. Yes i admit it. I’m a dreamer. You’ll probably mostly find blog posts of me uttering the crazy goings on in my head and most likely trying to make sense of them. But i also intend on a few music covers (i play Guitar, and by play i mean trying to learn) you see i thought a blog post would be the perfect motivationer (if thats a word, you’ll also probably find some made up words sprinkled here and there) to get me learning some new songs, i intend on a few tutorials for fun easy crafts things, (i love to sew and draw and make pretty things), You might find me harping on about my new favourite nail polish colours or new pair of funky leggings and chances are you’ll see some posts about productions im in (I’m studying BA acting for stage and media) and productions ive seen. So yea, if you enjoy please follow, or find me on twitter, I dont have many followers 😦 a little bit heartbreaking 😉

Anyway love to you all xx


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